New year for Socialist Students

17th Sept 2012

Hello everyone and welcome to Socialist Students. It may have come to your attention that some of the content on this website is somewhat out of date. This is an attempt made by a website novice to try and give an up to date description of what it is that we do and when we will be doing it.

This coming academic year opens new opportunities for the Student movement as a whole. This autumn brings the chance for students to join Trade Unionists on the October 20th 'March for an alternative' and the NUS calling its first demonstration since 2010. As usual Socialist Students will be actively building support for both of these events.

Within the university we will continue to support university staff when they take strike action as we did last April and November. We will take up issues with the Student Unions referendum on whether to join the NUS. And we will also be getting support 'Students for Education' in their work on fighting tuition fees and funding cuts at the university.

Outside of the university the society has a history of being active in the city. Last year we played a part in the local Youth Fight For Jobs campaign which is a campaigning organisation campaigning in the interests of young people against the government cuts. In the May elections in 2012 two Socialist Student members stood as candidates in the local elections as part of TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) on an anti-cuts platform.

So this term will be a busy one, expect to see weekly/fortnightly discussion meetings, regular reading group (tea and socialism) and plenty of campaigning and political activity to keep us on our toes. Look forward to meeting new faces and hopefully we will see you soon!

Come to our next meeting: Yet to be arranged, watch this space!